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By: Jim Akans

Elegance, precision, harmony and detail. The extraordinary residences created by Schuster Homes embrace theses essential characteristics in design and workmanship as well as in the building process which transforms their clients’ dreams into reality. The construction team at Schuster Homes is diligent in their dedication to the home buyer, taking time to ensure their building experience is rewarding. Well-informed, and tailored to their specific needs. The result is stunning, on-of-a-kind home built to endure for generations to come, and builders-client relationships that last well beyond the completion of the home.

Steve Schuster, owner of Schuster Homes, States, “We are a second generation company. My father started a building and carpentry contracting company in 1970 and I grew up in the business. My father’s business philosophy was built on relationships. People placed great trust in him and his company name.

When I purchased the company in 1990, I made a commitment to carry that reputation forward. In fact, many of the trades and suppliers who worked with my father continue to work with us today. We have maintained the boutique style business so we can offer out clients a very personalized building experience.”

After earning a degree from Michigan Stats University, Steve went to work for Turner Construction, which is the largest construction management company in the world. The discipline and experience he gained during his tenure with Turner provided invaluable running his own construction operation a few years later.

Steve notes, “Turner Construction is known world-wide as the “King of the High-Rise.” Their building operations are incredibly efficient systems for scheduling, tracking, financing… every process related to commercial building. Our goal at Schuster Homes is to be thorough in terms of detailing the building process with complete accountability to the client. Our clients build true custom homes that are very complex, with nearly unlimited choices. Our systems are designed to tell them what we are doing and how we are doing it industry professionals, such as lenders and investors, routinely tell us that our construction documents is the most concise and organized they have seen.”

The extraordinary care and detail in the Schuster Homes building process resonates in the craftsmanship and beauty of the homes that are built. Currently, the company is active in tow leading area communities, The Parks at Stonewood in Clarkston and TurtleLake in Bloomfield Hills. The parks at Stonewood features wonderfully designed custom residences set in a tranquil neighborhood just minutes from the extensive recreational, entertainment and retail opportunities offered in the Clarkston area. TurtleLakeis a nationally-regarded luxury home community that provides resort style amenities an exquisite ambience featuring private lake property, woodland and nurture preserve.

Leanna Schuster, Schuster Homes sales and marketing director, states, “We built an outstanding relationship with developer David V. Johnson and his team at Victor International Corporation when we began building in   A true custom home begins in the imagination of the home buyer. To facilitate translating these dreams into a home design, Schuster Homes has established relationships with nationally renowned architectural firms and local designers allowing the client to match their needs with the architects. The company has also assembled a top-notch team of employees and contractors with reputations that are built on quality, schedule and service priority.

Steve notes, “Homes evolve during construction. There are opportunities to modify the design or material selections as the home is being built. I enjoy being on the site and assisting the client in expressing those ideas as they develop and our team is equally committed to helping the client personalize their new home.” “Building With Confidence” is the maxim that the principals of Schuster Homes established to direct the focus of their building operation when they began nearly thirty-five years ago. It continues to guide the company by embracing the exceptional systems developed to manage the building process and the tightly detailed attributes of the home they build. Clients can take pleasure in knowing the entire Schuster Homes teams dedicated to making their home building experience a satisfying one.

Leanna States,” Steve and I value the relationship we have established over the years. We understand that the success of our company depends on the quality of the relationships we build with tour clients. In order to establish confidence with the client, we must have integrity. We are proud of the relationships we have created and maintained over the ears,.”

Steve adds, “in our market niche, the quality of construction must be first-rate we understand that binding a new home can be a very experience, so we are always available to address and questions our clients may have. Having an honest and open relationship with our client is a distinction that is at the heart of Schuster Homes.”

The Builder’s Journal is proud to present Schuster Homes as our spotlight in this month’s issue. For further information, call (248)625-2323 or visit their website at